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What is Spend Down?

Spend down is the process in which individuals must “spend down” their money to qualify for financial assistance from Medicare for long-term nursing home care.

Many times, people are advised that, because of the cumulative value of their money, savings, and property, they are not yet eligible for government assistance. AAPG helps clients avoid the spend down process and protect their assets. Don’t lose your hard-earned savings. Speak with an AAPG member today.

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Don’t Go Broke Paying for Nursing Home Care

How AAPG Helps


Access Benefits Quickly

We develop financial solutions that help you gain access to your benefits faster.


Protect Your Property

We utilize every policy and regulation available to us to protect your money from spend down.


Receive Financial Help

We help get you financial assistance as soon as possible.

Who We Are

AAPG stands for Arkansas Asset Protection Group. Our job is to help Arkansans preserve the wealth and assets that they have while still being able to afford to pay for long-term nursing home care.

Asset protection for nursing home residents refers to the protection of property and vehicles they may own, in addition to savings and retirement accounts they may have, from the spend down process.