Arkansas Asset Protection Group

Arkansas Families with a parent, spouse, or loved one who is entering into or is currently residing in a nursing home turn to AAPG to identify allowable, case-specific solutions that enable paying for the quality long-term care that the loved one deserves in a way that does not financially devastate the family.

Why consider AAPG?

  1. Even if you handle financial and medical matters independently, working with Medicaid is a totally different ballgame. Arkansas Medicaid rules are extremely specific, complex, and periodically change.
  2. Filing for Medicaid without the knowledge of a team of professionals dedicated to the process and positive collaboration can leave you and your loved one out in the cold. AAPG (Arkansas Asset Protection Group) keeps pace with Medicaid, allowing you to keep as many assets as legally possible.
  3. Why be disappointed by or denied for very specific and complex Medicaid rules and deadlines? AAPG offers professionals with unique knowledge, experience, and skills who can clearly define your individualized and unique parameters – and provide workable Medicaid solutions while working to minimize surprises, delays, or detours in pursuit of eligibility for Medicaid benefits.

The Team Matters

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