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Helpful Resources

Important Definitions

These key terms will help you better understand the process and how AAPG can help.

Medicaid LTC Asset Inclusions

Medicaid LTC Asset Inclusions Anything worth money outside of the four provisions Medicaid allows. Including but not limited to: Cash Value Life Insurance CD’s IRA’s Investment Accounts (401K, Mutual Funds, Stock, etc.) Savings/checking accounts Additional property...

Medicaid LTC Asset Exclusions

Medicaid LTC Asset Exclusions Homestead – your home and all the property touching, up to a value of $572,000.00. Everything within your homestead – all of your belongings. Prepaid Burial – bought from and paid for at a funeral home with a goods and services contract...

Medicaid LTC Eligibility Requirements

Medicaid LTC Eligibility Requirements Medical Necessity – needing 24-hour care in a facility setting and help with at least two Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) Income not more than $2,250.00 If income is higher than $2,250.00 but under the monthly facility cost a...

Common Scenarios

Wondering if your unique set of circumstances is something AAPG handles? Check out these common scenarios. You might be surprised!

Family Matters

Vicki & Jerry's Background Married: Resident is a 72 year old woman, husband is a retired mechanic who is continuing to live at home. Total Assets: $65,100.00 Checking Account: $28,600.00 Two Extra Vehicles: $1,500.00 Stock: $35,000.00 How AAPG Took Care of Vicki...

Family Ties

Meredith & John's Background Married: Resident is an 85 year old woman, husband is an 83 year old retired pastor who is continuing to live at home. Total Assets: $90,540.00 Checking Account: $2,500.00 Savings Account: $4,500.00 Extra Vehicle: $3,450.00 Stocks:...

Deborah’s Story

Deborah's Background Single: 80 year old widowed woman from Searcy, AR Total Assets: $95,000.00 Checking Account: $47,000.00 CD’s: $48,000.00 How AAPG Took Care of Deborah There would have been enough funds available to pay for 17 months of long term care. However...